Train etiquette

The train from P.G. Plaza today had some new door sound effects and voices to go along with it. I think Metro is experimenting with changing the two-tone “door closing” sound that they currently use. It was only that train however; the train at Mt. Vernon had the normal tone.

Subway and train commuters will understand this: when you are a regular commuter, you have “your spot” on the train. Most of the other people there with you are also regular commuters and they all respect this and know this. It’s only the tourists and irregular commuters who don’t realize this. So I was somewhat surprised this morning when I got on the train at my connecting station and another regular commuter took “my” spot. I might be paranoid, but it seemed like he did it intentionally: there was no one else on the train, it was there first stop, and every seat was available. This person normally sits at one end of the train car, but today, he made a bee-line for my seat. I sat somewhere else, but I have to say I found this to be an annoying breach of commuter etiquette.


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