Back to writing

Spending the last month reading Gotham left no time for writing. Now that I’ve finished the book, it’s back to writing. I got started on the train ride home this evening, finally getting around to proofing the first draft of “The Graveyard Shift”. I got through 10 of 78 manuscript pages on the train. More later tonight. I’ve already decided that I need one more character in the story to smooth it out a bit. On the other hand, the first 10 pages read very well–they move quickly and as I story grew in length, I was worried this would be a problem. Once that story is proofed and I get the second draft done, I’ll send it off to F&SF. I’ve got a list of about 4 story ideas to work out, but I think the next one is going to be the baseball story.

I got the June issues of ASIMOV’S and ANALOG today.


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