Back home

I got back home from New York at around 3 PM. The train was almost empty and there was a library like silence in the quiet car that made it a very pleasant ride back home. I finished up I. Asimov on the way back and will start in on In Memory Yet Green later this afternoon. About the only wrinkle in the trip home was that I got a cab driver who had no idea where he was going and from Union Station, took me to Silver Spring before I noticed his error and had to redirect him to my house.

When I got home I put some batteries in the handheld GPS unit that Norm and Vicky got me for my birthday and established my house as a waypoint. I spent a little time looking up what I needed to order to get detailed maps but I’m a little confused because the maps that I need don’t seem to be orderable on the website. I’ll check BestBuy tomorrow and if they don’t have them, I’ll just call Garmin directly and find out what I need.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve developed an annoying pimple right on the upper right corner of my lip. It was irritating me all the way home today and I’m hoping it will soon be gone.

Otherwise, it’s very pleasant out right now. I’ve got some laundry running, but I think I’m going to sit outside for a while and do some reading.


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