Living It Up

I finished George Burns’ Living It Up less than 24 hours after I started it. It is quite possibly the funniest book I’ve ever read. I think I didn’t laugh on page 109, but on every other page in the book, I was nearly in tears. This is not hyperbole.

This morning I took my car into Saturn for regular maintenance (102,000 mile maintenance) and I was unable to sit in the lobby and read because I was laughing so much, it was interfering with the television set, not to mention, the salesmen trying to sell cars. (Would you buy a car with someone cackling with laughter in the background?) Instead, I read outside, sitting on a little ledge where you drive your car up to the service area. Did it matter? Not really. People would pull their cars up, get out, and there was I, laughing, tears in my eyes. Almost immediately, the person gave me a nasty glance, as though my laughter were some type of comment on their bad hair, or the crappy condition of their car.

But it was a riot for me. My sides are sore today from so much laughing. I’m eager to start the other Burns book, but I may not get to it until tomorrow. The June issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN arrived today and I am determined to get through as much of it as possible this evening.

Incidentally, completing a 245 page book in 24 hours is by no means a record for me; however, it is almost exactly 3 times the amount that I read on any given day. And it is certainly the funniest fast read I’ve ever had.


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