Domestic spying and Da Vinvi Code

I keep reading (and hearing) in the news that the government did nothing illegal when requesting phone records, and other sort of spying on Americans. That is probably true, and while I don’t have evidence for it, I’ll take that at face value. Because to me, that’s not the point. There are lots of things that are legal, but that does not make them ethical. Ethical people often do less than the maximum allowable, and more than minimally acceptable. It is, in my opinion, a breach of trust, and it is also disappointing that our representatives don’t have more faith in the American people.

I caught an “in depth” news segment on the Da Vinci Code this evening and there were several people interviewed, who angrily charged that the movie was spreading lies, innuendo, and completely ficticious nonsense. Some of these people were vitriolic! All I can say is: DUH!, People: IT’S FICTION! IT’S ALL MADE UP! What you think fiction is, except well-told lies? Should it make you think? Maybe. But fictions primary purpose, since mankind lived in caves and told stories around campfires is to ENTERTAIN. I, for one, am sick and tired of all of the complaining about the damage this movie is going to do to–who knows what? It’s fiction. Don’t go see the movie if you don’t like the theme. But please shut up already.


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