Review: YEAH!

Last night, I bought Def Leppard’s new cover album, “Yeah!” from the Apple Music store, and I listened to the whole thing on the way into work this morning. The good news is that it wasn’t terrible. That bad news is that I wasn’t particularly impressed.

The album is supposed to demonstrate Def Leppard’s roots, show where they came from and what kind of music they were influenced by. But with a few exceptions, the album just seemed to lack the energy that their orginal studio albums have. Those exceptions were covers like “Rock On”, which while low energy, was well done; “Waterloo Sunset” which was also well done, and had a bit more energy; “No Matter What”, which was good, but with little originality (although there was at least energy in the song); and “Stay With Me”, which in my opinion, was the best cover in the batch.

If you are a Def Leppard fan, this is very different from what you are used to. I’d say it’s interesting to have for a completist, but otherwise, you are not missing anything.


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