Personal trainer?

I am in close to the worst shape (if not the worst) that I can ever remember being in. It has nothing to do with weight, although I have been hovering around my peak weight of 151 pounds for a while now. I have low energy. I have little flex or real strength. And when I do cardio exercise, it is always a strain for me.

Part of it has to do with a lack of a regular program. Part of it is nutrition. And part of it is that I have no idea what I am doing.

So I have been thinking lately about getting a personal trainer. I’ve been reading up on it online, looking for pros and cons. There are two very good gyms near my work that I could work out of, and next week, I’m thinking about interviewing some personal trainers to see if there are any potential matches.

My goals are as follows:

1. Increase flexibility
2. Increase strength
3. Increase endurance (cardio)

In other, words, get myself into shape. But I have one more goal, which is perhaps more important than those three put together.

4. Learn how to exercise properly and build a program that I can keep up with.

If I do get a personal trainer to help with this, I don’t plan on keeping them forever. I’ve read online that some PT’s will “guilt” you into keeping them. I won’t stand for that. When I interview, I will be very up front. I want to see or feel results within 6 weeks, and I will continue with a trainer for as long as 10 weeks. But during that time, the trainer should be teaching me how to continue my program on my own. Beyond 10 weeks, I don’t plan on keeping the trainer. And I have some pretty high standards for the trainer to meet. So who knows if this will even work out.

Stay tuned.


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