City life

What a difference being in Manhattan makes, then in Astoria, even as a visitor. It was so nice getting up this morning, and walking half a block to the corner to stop for breakfast. We explored the neighborhood a bit and then walked to the very nearby grocery store so that Jen and Jason could stock up on food in their new place. (After today, jen_ashlock and Jason are foregoing eating any meals out for the rest of July, so it was important that they stock up.)

Later on in the morning, we walked over to the nearby Circuit City and Best Buy, to do some comparison shopping on flat panel TV’s. I think I convinced Jen and Jason to get one as a way of saving space in their new apartment. But in browsing, I began to feel that I wanted one for myself. I resisted, however, and have different ideas. More on that later.

Eventually, we walked over to Central Park in order to play some ball, and even managed to have an entire softball field to ourselves. Jason and I played, while Jen relaxed in the muggy shade. Jon came by and he played too for a while. Then I had to head back to Jen and Jason’s to back up my stuff, and catch the 5 PM Acela back home…

…Except that when I got my ticket, I realized I’d gotten the 6 PM train instead of the 5 PM. It was easy to switch times, however. The train home was virtually empty. I sat in the quiet car and I don’t think there were five other people the entire way home. I got to Union Station right on time, and was back at home by about 8:30 PM.

All told, it was a really fun weekend.


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