Some pics from NYC

Here are a few pictures from my weekend in NYC. They are all pulled off of my cellphone, so that quality is not that great. But they should give you some ideas of Jen and Jason’s new place. And a bonus at the end.

Jen (jen_ashlock) and Jason’s new place

Okay, this is looking straight down the only staircase in Jen and Jason’s new place. There is no elevator, and this is the staircase in which we had to move everything up and down. Dad! See what you are getting yourself into?

This is a view of the new place from the front door (toward the back of the apartment) looking forward (north) toward the front of the apartment. I am standing in the living room. The next room down is the den, and beyond that is the bedroom. Behind me is the kitchen and the bathroom. And yes, that is the shiny hardwood floor upon which I threw up.

Jen and Jason’s den. Also known as Buttercream Card’s corporate offices.

Jason is installing the AC in the living room. From this view you can also see into the kitchen. Isn’t it nice and bright!?

This view is looking south, from Jen and Jason’s bedroom to the back of the apartment. You can see the kitchen and the entry to the bathroom way down there in the distance. (It’s a very Dr. Seuss-esque kind of design, with your bedroom over here, and your bathroom over there.)

Bonus Picture
Friends will recall my trip to Vegas back in March and how one of the incidents involved giving Andy $10 to drink a bottle of ketchup. Well, last Saturday, before heading up to Ava Lounge, we stopped for drinks and appetizers nearby and during our stay there, I told Jason I’d give him $5 to do a “shot of ranch dressing”. The following picture is Jason doing that shot. Turns out it wasn’t ranch dressing. It was Bleu Cheese. Jason realized it when he got to the bottom and it was, in his words, “chunky”.

Jen and Jason may have some pictures as well, and once they have their Internet connection setup, you might even be able to find some of these pictures on jen_ashlock‘s blog.


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