Happy 39th Anniversary, Mom & Dad

Today is my parent’s 39th wedding anniversary–or as I like to call it, their “Jack Benny” anniversary.

It’s funny, really, how people never want to share their age, once they are older than, say, 39 years; and yet these same people are so proud of how many years they have been married. Next year is my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary and it will be interesting to hear them tell people that they’ve been married 40 years, but they are only 39 years old. I’m sure many people will believe them.

Thirty-nine years is an inconceivably long amount of time to me, literally. I still have several years to go before my 39th birthday and therefore have not yet physically experienced the passing of 39 years. But it is an interesting number for several reasons. First of all it’s equivalent to 13 x 3. Now thirteen has always been considered an unlucky number. And of course, we all know what the number three represents: in baseball, three strikes and you’re out! It would therefore seem that 3 x 13 could not possibly be a “lucky” number, but I think it is. Just like multiplying two negative numbers in mathematics give you a positive number, multiplying two unlucky numbers in superstition, always results in a lucky number.

Interestingly enough, if my calendar is correct, July 10, 1967 was also a Monday.

39 years also represents just over 14,000 days, or about 342,000 hours. Now, assuming you sleep 8 hours a night, work 8 hours a day, commute an hour each day, and spend about an hour or so each day in the bathroom, that leaves just 6 hours in each day where you are not doing anything. In that sense, if we measured anniversaries based on the amount of time you spend together outside of work, and sleep, etc., it would only amount to one quarter of the total time my parent’s have actually been married. In this case, my parents could tell people that they are 39 years old, and that they have been married for just about 10 years. Of course, all three of their children are more than twice ten years old, and that could be awkward…

I can’t say too much more, lest I have nothing to say for their 40th anniversary next year. Incidentally, one’s 40th anniversary is also known as one’s “Ruby” anniversary, which works out perfectly, since Ruby is my niece’s name. I think this means that as a present next year, my parents get to spend their entire anniversary day with their granddaughter.

So let me just be the first to say, in a blog, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM AND DAD!


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