Softball tonight

I’m about to change into my softball uniform, in preparation for our game tonight. We had to scrape for players, but I managed to get us a couple at the last minute so we have a full lineup. We are playing a team that’s 3-1 and we are 1-4, but I go into every game believing that there is no way we can lose.

I am playing the entire game in the outfield for a change. We have a new player, a girl who played 3B in college, and she is going to play shortstop. We need some speed in the outfield today (no jokes, please) so I’ll be in CF at the beginning of the game, moving to LF later in the game.

It’s 85-degrees out right now. Shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve got to run downstairs and get some water and some gum for the game.


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