Orioles vs. Rangers

AJ and I headed to the Orioles game today. And although it was 95 degrees and very humid out, my seats are in the shade–and their was a great breeze blowing in from the outfield so it was actually very comfortable.

It was a pretty boring game. The Orioles won 4-0. The most interesting thing on my score card is the fact that I recorded the following 3 times: SB/E-2 (stolen base, plus a one-base error). On three different stolen base attempts, the Rangers catcher tried to pick off the runner and threw the ball into the outfield, allowing the runner to advance to third. That poor catcher had all three of the Ranger’s errors for the day.

I did see that the Yankees won and the Red Sox lost, so the Yanks are only 1/2 game back now.

Next game is in 2 weeks, against the White Sox, I think, and Dad will be in town for that game.


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