On Through the Night

With the help of NyQuil, I made it through the night without too much trouble. I woke up with a bit of a fever still, but some TheraFlu and a cold shower (I didn’t even touch the hot water spiogot) seemed to take care of it. That, plus three of Jen’s delicious cinnamon rolls. I have a craving for a tall cold glass of whole vitamin D milk, but Jen and Jason say milk is bad for you when you are sick. Pfui!, says I . Let me have my milk! But no, they say it causes increased mucus or something. Pfui, says I! Read myth #5 in this link to see what I am talking about. (I just made Jason read the text outloud.)

So I made it on through the night (can’t stop me now). We’re about ready to head out for a walk. More later.


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