The hundred dollar challenge

September is here, and so is the rain. It’s been raining and windy all day today, remnants of the tropical storm passing through. BUt I’m not going to allow this rain to interfere with the plans that I have tomorrow–something I have been looking forward to all week: the hundred dollar challenge..

Tomorrow, I am heading back up to Wonder Books and Video in Frederick, MD. Instead of an hour or so, I plan on spending a few hours there. And as a kind of end-of-summer present, I am giving myself $100 in cash to see how many books I can take home with that money. I’m looking mostly for science fiction paperbacks to fill in gaps in my collection, but I may end up with a hardcover book or two. A rough estimate on my part says I can take home between 25 and 30 books. We’ll see tomorrow.

Squirrels spent the end of their summers and falls collecting nuts to store for the long winter. I look at this challenge as an analogous process: I am collecting my acorns to last me for the long winter.

I invited AJ and Denisse (now Mrs. A.J. Kitchen) to go with me tomorrow, but I haven’t heard back from them. I’ll give them another call in the morning.


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