Workout #24 (lower body w/Bernard)

Today was a lower body workout. I turned in my meal log and was mildly chastised for my bad eating on Sunday, when I spent the afternoon with AJ. Other than that, the meal log looks good.

Exercise group 1

  • Angled leg press. 3 sets @ 90 lbs for the first and 140 for the last two. 15/12/12
  • Walking lunges. 15 lbs weights in each hand. 3 sets of about 24 “steps” each. After this I began to feel some tightness (not pain, just tightness) in my left hamstring. I stretched it out frequently thereafter.
  • Jumping jacks. 3 sets. 30/40/40

Exercise group 2

  • Smith machine squats. 3 sets @ 50 lbs. 12/12/12
  • Exercise ball crunches. 3 sets. 25/30/35. For the first time, crunches are beginning to seem easier
  • Jump rope. 3 sets. 30/40/50

Exercise group 3

  • Seated leg curls. 3 sets @ 60 lbs. 12/15/15
  • Seated leg extensions 3 sets @ 70 lbs. 12/12/12
  • Bar twists. Holding a bar on your shoulder and keeping your hips still, you twist to the left, and then to the right. 2 sets. 20/20/20

Exercise group 4

  • Calf lifts. 3 sets @ 120 lbs! 15/12/12. After the last set, my legs felt like they were on Jupiter. I could barely lift them from the ground.
  • Super crunch 1000. 3 sets. 25/25/25. I hate this machine.
  • Jump rope. 3 sets. 30/40/50

After the workout, Bernard stretched me out really well, and that helped loosen up some of the tightness in my left hamstring. Two sessions with Bernard next week: Tuesday at 4 PM and Thursday at 6 AM.


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