In the department of “you know it’s bad when…”

You know it’s bad at work when you can’t get anyone on the phone. Unless it’s a meeting that has been planned ahead of time, you can call as many people as you want–pick five randomly–and the phone wil ring and ring and you’ll be lucky to get a call back sometime weeks in the future.

So what has the smart phone and Blackberry and all of these other gadgets done for us? Apparently they have made us so productive that we don’t have time to actually use the device anymore.

I don’t know about you but this is what it has been like at my work for months and months now and it’s getting worse. I’ve taken to leaving joking messages on people’s voicemail, threatening them with shorter work hours unless they call me back. Everyone is just so busy. I don’t get it. If I get too busy, I can’t process what I am doing and usually end up being completely unproductive. So I try and maintain a reasonable level of busyness.

I don’t know how everyone else manages.


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