Travel crunch

I found out yesterday that I would have to go to Pittsburgh for work for a day in order to train some people on some software they will be using. (The good news is I have worked with these people before and they are a fun bunch.)

The training is going to be on October 17, which happens to the my 12th anniversary at my company.

It is also the day after I get back from my long weekend in Los Angeles. I’ve inadvertanly gotten myself into a minor travel crunch:

Friday, October 13: 6 PM: Fly to Los Angeles
Sunday, October 15: 11 PM: Fly to Baltimore (arrive Monday morning)
Monday, October 16: 5 PM: Fly to Pittsburgh
Tuesday, October 17: 7 PM: Fly home

I’m not sure when the last time I traveled on a plane three days in a row was. From Friday through Tuesday, I’m on a plane every day except Saturday. And on Saturday, I have to drive about 150 miles.


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