A typical work day, part 4

Okay, the bulk of the changes related to the employee ID are now complete. I just ran a quick test and was able to pull up a project summary in the web interface, which is a big step with regard to these changes. The last major step was to run a SQL script that would convert all of the old identifiers to the new identifiers. This made me a little nervous because even tough I was working with prototype data, it is still a chore if the data has to be reloaded because of a bug in my code. I therefore tried to run a few simple test, before running the actual SQL script. Second, I more or less guessed at the script in order to perform the fasted possible conversion. What I ended up with was something like this:

UPDATE ProjectStaff
set ID = (
FROM Whitepages
WHERE IRKey = ProjectStaff.ID)

That last LIKE clause was to eliminate the test cases I ran. When I finally pulled the trigger on this, all 350+ records were updated within milliseconds, and skimming through the data afterward, it looks as though they were all updated correctly. This means that this afternoon can be spent doing two things related to this change:

  1. Finding any more references to the old PersonId values in the code and changing them.
  2. Updating the data model.

Someone stopped by my office a little while ago to see if I could get some software set up on three people’s machines so that they could test the work order part of the Conference Services (conference room scheduling) application. I hadn’t planned on doing that this afternoon, but it looks like I’m going to need to set aside some time to do that now.

Incidentally, I did get the Apple Store and got my case for the new iPod (a very sporty one that has some additional attachment, for instance, an arm band!). I also picked up a Universal Dock and a USB power supply. It cost me $100.

It’s close to lunchtime, so I’m stopping for lunch. I had a bagel late this morning so I’m not hungry. Just going to read more of Lunar Prospector and perhaps nap if I get sleepy. It’s been pretty quiet on the email front, but that’s because my boss, and three of my co-workers are out today. In any event, it’s been a fairly productive morning. Back for more later.


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