The interview

Back in my senior year in college, I had to do a “profile” as part of my journalism minor. I decided to do a profile on an lifelong New Yorker, my Grandpa, Paul Friendlander. The resulting profile was called “A Big Apple A Day” and it was great. I even thought about submitting it somewhere, and in my innocence, submitted it to The New Yorker where it was rejected several months later with a form letter.

In writing the profile, I had to interview my Grandpa and to do so, I used the record feature on my answering machine to record the phone call to tape.

Today, when going through some boxes in a closet, I came across the tape, which I thought had been lost. I put it in a tape player and listened to a few minutes of it. It was the first time I heard my Grandpa’s voice since he passed away almost two years ago. I’m going to see if I can convert the tape recording to MP3 format and get it uploaded somewhere. It’s pretty cool to hear my Grandpa talking back before my Grandma died and before my Grandpa’s memory started failing.


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