An engine of productivity

jkashlock mentioned how today is a bust as far as work is concerned. It made me wonder just how much productivity is lost on a day like today. It’s not that there are a lot of people who take the day off, and so productivity falls; I’m talking about lost productivity. The people who do go into work on a day like today can’t be nearly as productive as they would normally be. Personally, I have trouble focusing on a day like today. I’m sure there are people who do get things done, even if it’s as simple as getting a desk cleaned off, or emptying an Outlook inbox. Still, there has to be tremendous productivity losses. Everyone who remains at work is thinking about their long weekend, or the lines at the airport that they have to face. Or ways to sneak out of the office early.

Well, it’s lunchtime. I’m off to my regularly scheduled noontime nap. There is nothing special about that loss of productivity. It happens every day.


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