Odds and ends

It has already been a busy and productive morning, and it’s only 10:30. Much of my morning has been spent writing some perl scripts to transform and import a large amount of legacy data into a newly designed database for the data. It is a multi-step process but I’m pleased with the progress I made this morning.

When I got into the office, my iBook AC adapter was sitting on my meeting table, right where I left it.

Smallville is a repeat tonight, but Gray’s Anatomy is all new. I think I’m going to take the opportunity to skip TV tonight and make progress in other arenas. I’d like to finish up Humans today, and maybe even get a bit of writing done this evening.

This was a meeting-heavy week for me, but some meetings have fallen off my calendar, which has helped a little bit. I blocked off my calendar for next week, indicating to one and all that I am not available for any meetings. We’ll see how well that works, but I’m hopeful I’ll be able to get some meaningful work done.

I found out today that my boss will be in town next week (he works in Santa Monica, while I work in Arlington, Virginia). He’s taking me to lunch on Friday, December 8 because I won’t be able to make my team lunch in Santa Monica the following week.

The DirecTV service people are coming tomorrow afternoon, and so I’ll be working from home in afternoon tomorrow. I was scheduled to interview someone in the afternoon because I had forgotten about the service appointment so I don’t think I’ll be able to participate in the interview; fortunately, there are others to fill in for me.

It’s going to hit 70 degrees in the Metro D.C. area today–for the last day of November that has got to be close to a record.


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