Isn’t it ironic?

Todd and I have, for years, debated as to whether the things mentioned in Alanis Morissette’s song, “Ironic” are, in fact, ironic. I say not, they are not. He says yes they are. Over the years, he has built up a steady stream of coworkers who take up his side of the argument. (In my more cynical moments, I wonder if they do this just to make me think I am wrong.)

The debate ended long ago at an impasse and it hasn’t been mentioned in a year or more. And then last night, I watched an episode of Lois and Clark and instantly felt vindicated. The episode in question is from the fourth season: “Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark”. At the beginning of the episode, Lois and Clark are having dinner with new friends, and at the dinner, the following dialog takes place:

CLARK: Man, if you really listen to it, it's just kind of a weird song.

BOB: I know, I know, we like it but--

CAROL: I'm sorry but a fly in your Chardonnay is not ironic.

LOIS: Making $30 million on a song called "Ironic" that isn't even about 

ALL: That's ironic.

This is what I had been arguing all along! I even drummed up definitions from OED and other places to show what irony means. No one would buy it!

At the end of the same episode, there is piece of dialog:

MR. GANDEL: Have you heard this song about the fly in some girl's 
Chardonnay?  Now unless the rewrote the dictionary, I see nothing ironic
about that.  However, a recluse who finally decides to come out of 
hiding on the very day he's almost killed...

LOIS: That's ironic.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, on top of citing OED, I am now citing Lois & Clark as the ultimate proof that the song “Ironic” is not ironic! I take this as full vindication of my position, which has been consistent through all of these years.

I was watching this in bed when I was going to sleep last night, and I got all excited and couldn’t wait to get into work this morning to tell Todd all about it and bask in my righteousness. Ironically, Todd is not in the office today because he and his wife had a baby this weekend. I have to wait 2 weeks before he’s back in the office.


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