Time warp

I head up to NYC tomorrow to spend the weekend with jen_ashlock and jkashlock. Between now and bedtime (about 5 hours from now), I have to

  • Go home (40 minutes)
  • do a ton and a half of laundry
  • tidy up the house
  • bring in the trash cans
  • eat dinner
  • pack my lunch for tomorrow
  • pack for my trip to NYC
  • pack for the gym in the morning
  • think about some holidays gifts I have not yet shopped for
  • squeeze in a little work on the book collection database
  • print out my boarding pass
  • other duties as assigned

If I actually manage to get all of these things done before 8:30 tonight, it will be because some kind of warp has opened in the space-time continuum.

  • charge up the iPod
  • clean out the litter box
  • write a few thank you notes



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