Workout #39 (Chest & back)

Up at 4:30 AM and had my hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. I could only eat 3 of the 4 that I prepared, but at least I got the protein. I was into the gym at 5:50 and ready to go for my chest and back workout.

Group 1                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Chest press              12/95        12/95       12/105
Kickbacks              12/35LR      15/35LR      15/35LR
Knee-ins                    20           20           20

Group 2                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Seated row               12/60        12/70        12/80
Push ups                    25           25           30
Bosu crunches             20LR         25LR         25LR

Group 3                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Inclined chest press      9/95        10/85          N/A
Dead lifts               15/50        15/50          N/A
Jumping jacks               20          N/A          N/A

You will notice that I didn’t complete my 3rd group. That’s because I began to feel a little nauseous and I have a feeling it was the eggs. In fact, I still feel a tag “off” and I have been drinking water like crazy so that if I do get sick, it won’t be too bad. I may hold off on the eggs again for a while. I don’t think I screwed them up (although that is not out of the realm of possibility); but I don’t need to feel like this during a workout either, and the only time I have thus far has been when I prepared my own eggs.

Next workout is cardio, tomorrow morning.


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