AJ and Denisse, Part Duex

AJ and Denisse called me early yesterday afternoon to ask about a hotel in NYC that they are thinking of staying at. Since none of us were doing much, I decided to head back over to their place. Another friend of theirs was going to be there as well. It turned out to be fun. We hung out for a while, and then headed over to Nathan’s Steakhouse in Georgetown for a steak dinner. It snowed pretty hard, but not for very long. After dinner we headed back to AJ and Denisse’s and watched Office Space. I left by 10 PM and was home just after 11 PM.

I was up at 8 AM this morning and since I have the day off, I headed up to IHOP for breakfast. I have to head to the gym a little later. I missed the gym this weekend and I feel pretty guilty about it, but I will get in my cardio workout today. It’s sunny but cool out today. The snow is still pretty frozen so my car is still in the street. However, it is supposed to warm up into the 50s tomorrow and stay there through the weekend, which will be a nice change compared to the cold weather we have been having.


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