Story submission

I just submitted my story “Wake Me When We Get There” to Jim Baen’s Universe. I’ve gotten good editorial feedback on this story from the likes of Sheila Williams at Asimov’s and while she ultimately gave back the story, I took her feedback and tried to improve the main fault that she found with it.

I would have tried this story on Intergalactic Medicine Show, where my first published fiction will be appearing in May, but I don’t think it would fit their editorial style (specifically, their PG-13 rating for stories). Baen’s Universe is a pro magazine and looks like it has good stories.

This also marks the first time that I submitted a story, where I could say in my cover letter that my first published fiction would be appearing in the May issue of IGMS…

In fact, I just subscribed to Baen’s Universe, primarily because Barry Malzberg’s roving column, “From the Heart’s Basement” is now appearing in the magazine beginning this month, and I will read anything that Barry writes.

As always, those terribly interested in such matters can keep up with the status of my submissions. According to the auto-confirmation that I received, responses are typically given within 10 days (which is about as fast as John Joseph Adams over at F&SF).

Stay tuned…


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