Good break point

It’s just shy of 2 PM and I just completed one of the three things I wanted to get done this weekend. “Smart” forms that I developed for our Security department are now in production, with the exception of one form where I found a bug. I’m waiting from some feedback from a coworker on that one but it is a minor issue and the rest of the roll-out looks good at this point.

I have two remaining tasks to complete, neither of which should be as time consuming, but I have been working for 4-1/2 hours without a break. So I’m going to brave the snow and head across the street to the book store and browse books for a little while. (Actually, I can go through the metro station so I don’t have to slog through too much snow.)

And I’m currently in the midst of Junior High School on my Autobiography play list (through 64 of 193 tracks).


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