Tipping table captains

Last year, at the Rainbow Room, I had my first experience with Table Captains. I’m not exactly sure what they do, but there was a line on the bill to leave them a tip, along with the waiters. I had to guess at what to leave him.

Since I will be at the Rainbow Room Grill again this Saturday (for my 2nd Annual Birthday Bash), I looked up tipping guidelines for table captains. Would you believe it was pretty hard to find. I did some searching online and didn’t come up with much. So I turned to my trusty 16th edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette. Turns out it’s right there on page 533:

Like the waiter, but unlike the maitre d’, the captain depends on tips for a living. Leaving him 5 percent in addition to what you leave the waiting staff is adequate.

That’s good to know. I way overtipped the last time. It still leaves me wondering what a table captain does exactly. After I found the item in Emily Post, I also found this which give much the same information.


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