Heading to NYC

I’m feeling better. Not 100% but no fever. I got a haircut. I’ve done the laundry, gassed up the car, cleaned up the house. I had a phone meeting with my new accountant today. She’s going to prepare my taxes this year. Nothing new or complicated, but maybe I can write off some writing expenses now that I have sold a story. I don’t know what those expenses might be, but she can help. Also, she can help plan for next year. They don’t take taxes out of the checks you get for selling a story so I need to plan ahead.

I’ll be heading to the airport within the next hour or so. I’m trying to decide what I want to listen to in order to pass the time. It seems like it’s between R.E.M. and Def Leppard and because I was listening to R.E.M. earlier today, I think Def Leppard is going to win out.

We are all going to be meeting at the W in Union Square before dinner tomorrow evening. Unfortunately, strausmouse and rmstraus are not going to be able to make it to the dinner after all, but they have a good excuse. Like being 8+ months pregnant.

I have a 5:40 PM flight this afternoon. Maybe I can get an earlier one? SInce I’m lugging a suit along, I have to check some luggage because it’s a small airplane (a CJ-200 or something like that). But I’m hopeful that I’ll be at jen_ashlock and jkashlock‘s place before 8 PM.

A few more things to do and I’m outta here…


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