A picture’s worth $400

Norm was making fun of my digital camera nearly two weeks ago when we gathered for the Rainbow Room dinner. My digital camera is a Canon Powershot A-somethingorother and it is circa 2001. It is a 2.1 megapixel camera and it weighs about 9-1/2 pounds, so it’s no wonder that he was making fun of me. (He also made fun of the fact that I didn’t know what “macro” mode was.)

As it turns out, I have been thinking of upgrading my camera for some time. With the trip to Europe coming up this summer, I want one of those slim camera that could slip into my pocket, but with all of the “modern” bells and whistles.

Well, this afternoon I went out and got one.

I bought a Canon PowerShot SD100 Elph which is a slim, tiny digital camera with lots of bells and whistles. (Although I already noticed that the software on the camera has not been updated to correct for daylight saving time.) I also picked up a 1 GB high-speed memory chip, and a case and spare battery for it. All told, it cost me about $400.

Once I got back to my office, I set it up and played around with it a bit. Here is a picture I took (at it’s full resolution of something like 3000×2000-some-odd pixels), but dumbed down to be web-friendly:

(Notice the partial ER-diagram that can be seen on one of my white boards in the background?) This marks the first official picture I’ve taken with the camera. With a 1 GB memory stick, even at maximum resolution, I can store more than 500 pictures. I doubt I’d take more than 500 pictures in one day so that’s plenty for me.

I’m taking the camera with me to Orlando tomorrow to test it out. Because it’s so slim and small, I’m hoping it means that I will take more pictures than I usually do. We’ll see…


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