New books on the way!

I have new books on the way! I ordered three books yesterday and all should be on their way to my door within the next week or so.

First, I ordered Barry Malzberg’s new collection of critical essays, Breakfast In the Ruins which I will probably be the next thing that I read after finished Asimov’s autobiographies.

Next, I came across (by chance, which is unusual when browsing online) A New Dawn: The Complete Don A. Stuart Stories. For those of you who don’t know, Don A. Stuart was the pseudonym for perhaps the greatest science fiction magazine editor of all time, John Campbell. I have a collection of some of his stories, but this volume collects all of the stories he wrote as Don A. Stuart and I look forward to it.

Finally, thanks to kruppenheimer and the gift certificate she gave me for my birthday, I picked up The Age Of Napoleon: The Story of Civilization Volume 11 by Will and Ariel Durant. It is the only volume of the series that I am missing and now, finally, my set is complete!

Incidentally, my shelves are bursting, literally overflowing with books, but I simply have no more room in my office for additional book shelves. I may have to eventually swap my office and bedroom (the latter is substantially bigger than the former).


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