More spring cleaning

I slept in this morning, not getting out of bed until just after 9 AM. I ran up to IHOP for breakfast, stopping at Petco on the way home because I needed more litter and dry food for Zeke. Once home, I did some more spring cleaning. I cleaned out old files in the office, shredding 4 bags worth of documents I no longer need. I also cleaned, dusted and in general tidied up the office. I scrubbed the kitchen as well, sweeping and mopping; I mopped the bathroom while I was at it. I’m in the process of finishing up the laundry.

I had mentioned my support of libraries yesterday and in cleaning off my desk today, I found the most recent Adopt-a-library renewal, that I hadn’t yet sent out, so today I mailed off a check, renewing my support of both the Franklin Township and Granada Hills libraries. I also paid the T-Mobile and Comcast bills while I was at it.

I’m 268 pages into In Memory Yet Green and as usual when I read these books, the desire to write is growing stronger. I have to get back on the workout wagon this week, and I’m planning on being up at 4:20 AM in order to be at the gym before 6 AM and get back to my early workout routine, which worked best for me. But I’m gradually watching less and less TV in the evenings, and once this season is over, I think I’m done with TV for a while. That leaves me more time in the evenings for writing, if I can summon up the discipline.


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