Norm and Vicky’s second wedding

I was up at about 7:30 Saturday morning and sat on the couch to read until Norm and Vicky got up. I heard their alarm go off at 8:30 and as soon as it went off, I could hear Vicky in a panic. She later explained that she forgot it was Saturday and thought she was going to be late for work. Norm seemed his usual morning self.

We waited for Norm’s family to come over and then we headed up to Stony Point to walk through the new house, which except for the landscaping and back deck, is essentially finished. Inside the house, I was sure to take plenty of pictures.

After the house visit, we needed to get ready for the wedding, but first, Norm and I had to run some errands. We had to stop at Target for some VHS tape for Vicky’s ancient video camera. We had to stop at Costco for some flowers, and to pick up the wedding cake. While, there, we also stopped to get something to eat: Costco hot dogs and a twisted churro. I was rather amusing to sit there eating our hot dogs, knowing that Norm and Vicky were only a few hours from getting married… again.

We cut it close; Norm and I had about 10 minutes or so to dress, but we made it with time to spare. Vicky was getting dressed at the church so she could dawdle. At the last minute, Norm decided to create some wedding programs and I got to help fold them. And then we were off to Norm and Vicky’s church. We were the first ones there and, after Vicky had gotten dressed, she worried if anyone would show up. I tried to reassure her that they would all show up at once and, in fact, they did. Before things got started, I, acting as Norm’s Best Man, and another one of their friends, acting as Vicky’s Maid of Honor, had to sign some paperwork.

The ceremony started promptly at 1:30 PM and lasted about an hour. There were, perhaps 20 people in attendance and we had the whole place to ourselves. Norm’s mom did all of the readings. Norm and Vicky picked out some wondering cantors for the service and I took some video of their singing at Norm and Vicky’s request. Eventually, I made my way up front to stand up for Norm, and to give him the rings at the appropriate time. They said their vows, which they had rather impressively memorized (I was in the car as they practiced) and then they kissed–rather awkwardly because Vicky didn’t think it was the kiss.

When it was all over, we caravaned over to the Allendale Bar & Grill where we had a whole room to ourselves, where we were served excellent food (the chicken parmasan was delicious) and where we had cake. I even managed to take a few pictures here too.

We relaxed in the evening; in fact, we sat around and were very lazy, but it was nice. Once again, I flooded Norm and Vicky with petty complaints about work and relationships and life in general, and as always, they bore up to it solidly and without complaint. Vicky tried to teach me the secret of life but I wouldn’t listen. Norm spent an hour searching for an SNL video clip of the secret. Eventually, we went to rent a movie and late in the evening we sat around watching The Illusionist pausing it every five minutes so we could try and guess what had happened.

I went to bed trying to ignore the sounds coming from Norm and Vicky’s room, which I later found out were the sounds of Norm being poked (or possibly poking) in an annoying fashion. They found this amusing for some reason. Certainly, it had to be a better wedding night than their last one, which was spent in the emergency room.


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