One Sunday, two breakfasts

I was up sometime around 7:30 AM when I noticed that the power was out in the house. (Ironic, because the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article I had been reading was called “Preventing Blackouts” by Massoud Amin and Phillip F. Schewe (May 2007)) Jen said she’d heard a gunshot-like sound and I figured it was a transformer. Later in the morning, I heard some repair trucks and after about an hour, the power went back on.

We had breakfast at IHOP and then headed to Buddy Attick lake for a walk around the lake, which was very pleasant. It was a beautiful day out. Afterwards, we headed back to the house and Jen packed up her things and we headed downtown.

We took the Green line to Mt. Vernon Square and then walked over the M and 10th, where Jason was staying with his friends. They were cooking a big brunch (thus, one Sunday, two breakfasts). We spent a few hours there and it was fun. We listened to retro-80s music while eating omelettes and hash browns and bacon and drinking mimosas and bloody mary’s.

At about 3 PM, Jen and Jason headed for their bus and I headed home. I spent much of the rest of the afternoon dividing my time between trying to finish up the May 2007 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and napping. The remainder of the day ended up being equally lazy.


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