Dad is in town!

I picked up Dad from the metro station last night at around 7:30 and we made straight for the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. It was surprisingly empty for that time on a Friday. We were seated almost at once and had a very nice meal.

When we came home, we watched TV for a while (we were watching the Orioles game) but when 10 PM rolled around, I was beat and had to head off to bed.

I was up at 7 AM this morning, read for a while, and caught up with some blog reading, and Dad was finally up at 8 AM. We headed to IHOP for breakfast. Afterward, I did some quick laundry and then headed to the gym for an arms/shoulders workout. After that, we decided to head downtown and walk around them Mall.

We headed to L’Enfant plaza, and then made our way up and around the Capitol building, past the Library of Congress, and Supreme Court, and finally to Union Station. It was windy and had cooled off considerably and there was a light drizzle as well. We ate lunch at Union Station and then headed back home. Dad wants to watch the big De La Hoya fight tonight, so I ordered it for him on Pay Per View (I won’t be watching. I will be working on more novel outlining and see if I can figure out a way to make “If By Reason of Strength…” work for me.)


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