An outline has taken shape

Earlier, I complained that I wasn’t writing much lately and that is true when it comes to my fiction. But it may be a little misleading, because I have been jotting down lots of notes on the plot and characters for the expanded version of “Graveyard Shift”. These notes, handwritten on paper in tiny prints, taking up both sides, have finally, this afternoon, started to cool and congeal into a rough outline shape.

What I have essentially done is outlined the entire plot of the story from each of the characters points of view, showing their interaction points. I’ve gotten through all but a few of the main characters. From this, I have been able to identify the three main “parts” of the expanded version of the story. Furthermore, I have been able to establish a rough time-line of events which will help a great deal because the story is told from different points of view and while it is in close-to-chronological order, it is not in strict chronological order, and having the time-line of major events helps.

I’m setting a goal of trying to complete my notes and outline by Wednesday evening, so that on Thursday evening, I can begin writing. (This will give me something to do in the evenings when I am in L.A. in just over a week, and perhaps I can come back from L.A. having completed a good deal of writing.)


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