Thursday morning

No Italian last night (again) and no workout this morning. Ugh! For a while there I was like a smoothly spinning top, and now I’ve been knocked off balance somehow and can’t quite get back into the swing of it. But I’m trying.

It’s been a productive morning so far, but it gets a little busier this afternoon, when I have to give a presentation like the one on Tuesday.

I heard from the managing editor at IGMS, letting me know that my contract and check for my story “When I Kissed the Learned Astronomer” is in the mail. More than likely, it will end up arriving while I am in L.A. next week so I shot an email back to let her know that I might not be able to return the signed contract until I am back home.

We have another softball game this evening and it looks like we have an even better player turnout than last time. We’ve got 16 confirmed players for an 11-player lineup, and that means that we’ll have 5 substitutions today, which is a record for us, at least in the last three years. I think I put together a pretty good lineup for the game and I’m looking forward to getting out there later today and playing.


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