Miscellaneous trip preparation

I got my United Red Carpet club card in the mail today, which is sooner than the 3-4 weeks they said it would take. I also called United Mileage Plus Visa to find out why I was never credited for some bonus miles I was supposed to get. I appears to be a system error and I was told I would be credited on my next statement.

I noticed that my name of the boarding pass for the cruise didn’t match my passport name (Jamie Rubin on the former versus Jamie Todd Rubin on the latter). I thought they had to match exactly so I updated my profile with my middle name but it still wasn’t printing with my middle name. So I called the cruise line. They explained that they had my middle name on the list that they use to check names against and that I didn’t have anything to worry about.

So a few more items are checked off. I still have a fairly extensive list of things to go.


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