More tasks checked off!

I completed a whole bunch of work-related tasks today and feel pretty good about where things stand with me about to head off on vacation. I also got several more travel-related tasks taken care of today.

I picked up my suit from the cleaners.

I contacted the local police and filled out a “vacation patrol” request form. This means that the police know I will be out of town and will be keeping an eye on the house.

I called vickyandnorm and left them a message regarding a question about hotel-to-airport transportation in Rome.

I got rid of just about everything in my refrigerator and emptied out a bunch of other trash (tomorrow is a trash pick-up day).

I’ve still got a number of things to take care of tomorrow, and I know that Saturday will be a busy day, cutting the grass and cleaning up the yard a bit. But Saturday is also supposed to be somewhat cooler than it was today–it hit nearly 100 here with the heat index. It’s a good think our softball game was rescheduled.

I’m also more than 420 pages through American Prometheus. I’m going to squeeze in a little more reading tonight and then lights out.


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