Summer showers

Summer showers are a phenomenon that, for me, are exclusive to the East Coast, and I had my first one last night. A summer shower, you see, is like a regular shower with one added element at the end.

Okay, so you get into the shower on a hot and muggy evening. You wash your hair, you shave, you wash yourself. At this point you are normally finished. I can do this shower in less than 3 minutes if I skip the shaving part.

During a summer shower, however, after you are all cleaned up, you gradually cut off the hot water, easing it back a little at a time so that the water gets cooler and cooler until it is fairly cold. This is just the most awesome thing during the summer when it’s hot and humid. It sucks the humidity right out of the air and it leaves you feeling cool and refreshed alive! And it only seems to work in the summer on those days were the humidity is creeping up into the range of the temperature.

Like last night.


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