Venice Evening #2

Posted at 3:36 PM local time

After having our luggage delivered and unpacking (we’ll be on the ship for 12 days, after all) Jen, Jason and I wandered the ship. We decided to start at the top and work our way down. We didn’t get very far. We got a tour of the spa and Jen and Jason signed up for a couples massage. We also got a look at the fitness center, which is a pretty good one. We made our way to the “Sancturay” which is an exclusive pool/spa area for adults only, and which costs $10 for a half-day admission. It was pouring out, with thunder and lightening to boot. Jen and Jason and Mom and Dad had tickets for a gondola ride in Venice, but because of the rain, people were canceling and they did too. It was a shame because the rain didn’t last long and the skies cleared up. We made it down to the 15th deck and then stopped at Adiago bar (right next to Sabatini’s restaurant–a special restaurant on the ship that charges a $20 cover charge per person to get in). We ordered drinks. I had my first bellini and it was pretty good. Mom and Dad joined us for a little while. We decided to go into Venice for dinner–all except Dad who wanted to stay on the ship.

We met at 7 PM and headed down to deck 4 to debark from the ship. We all had water taxi passes and we caught a 7:30 water taxi to St. Marks Square. We then wandered Venice for more than an hour. Jen and Jason hadn’t been there yet and I led them along, twisting and turning down streets at random, but making my way toward the Rialto Bridge. We then headed back toward St. Marks square and found a little restaurant in which to eat, just west of the square called Restaurante Noemi. I had spaghetti and meat sauce once again (I can’t resist it) and this time it was even better than the place at which we ate last night. We shared a bottle of Valpollocello, which was okay, I suppose, but I’m not a wine aficionado so I’m really no judge. Directly across from the restaurant was a gelato shop and you can be sure that’s what we had for dessert. In particular, I had chocolate gelato in a cone and it was excellent.

After that, we walked back through St. Marks square one last time, listing to live classical music being played under the nighttime sky. Then we boarded our taxi and headed for the ship.

I headed straight for bed.


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