Relaxing in Corfu, Greece

Posted on 7/7/2007 at 3 PM local time

I decided that, since I was going to see plenty of Greece, I didn’t need to disembark at every port and Corfu is one of the ports at which I decided to stay on the ship and relax. In fact, I slept in late and didn’t get up until 9:30 AM, when an announcement that the ship’s crew would be doing an emergency drill work me. I grabbed a very quick breakfast (a donut) and then headed up to the pool to claim a spot.

I was up at the pool by 10:30 AM and found a perfect spot, facing east with the sun in line to move directly over me throughout the day. I lay there for the next 3-1/2 hours, relaxing, reading, and listening to my iPod. And soaking up the sun, of course. Around noon, I had a hot dog and a couple of Dos Equis beers but that was the limit of my physical exertion (I had to get up to get the hot dog, but servers came around to take my drink order.)

The ship is docked right under the takeoff/approach bath for Corfu’s major airports. In the morning, planes taking off were passing right over me. In the afternoon, they had changed runway direction and landing planes were passing right over me, much lower. It was fun to watch!

Mom and Dad headed into town this morning and walked around. Jen and Jason also headed into town and found a beach where they planted themselves for several hours. They are heading back to the ship now. I am planning on heading into a shady part of the deck and reading for a few hours before dinner (I’ve gotten more than enough sun for today). I’ve got a sports massage scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning. And I’m planning to head to the fitness center for a lower body (legs) workout after dinner this evening.

In the meantime, I’m about to go online to post these entries and check my email. The weather is beautiful here and I’m having a great time. But of course, I miss all of my friends too, so drop a line if you get a chance.


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