A walk in the Park

Last night at about 8 PM, I took a walk through Green and St. James parks and it was really quite amazing. I can’t quite put my finger on how these parks are different from, say, Central Park, in New York, but the difference is there. People seem more relaxed. Businessmen and women can be seen sitting in the park in their business attire, having completed the day’s work. There is a section of The Green Park where for 2 pounds, you can rent recliner chairs for 4 hours. These chairs are brought out in the afternoon and in the evening, they are virtually all occupied, with a single man walking about collecting the fees.

There is a pond in St. James Park with large ducks and people walking around and about. The park has a quality that I can only describe as Mary Poppins-eque. You could almost imagine people standing there in the evenings, flying kites high above the city.

It was really a peaceful walk and I plan on doing it again this evening.


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