Zeke’s upcoming surgery

While Zeke was boarded when I was in Europe, he developed what the vet thought was a urinary infection. They said it was probably caused by stress and they put him on antibiotics, which seemed to help. When I took him home Monday evening, I noticed that he kept going into his litter box, coming out, and then going right back in. He’d do this for a while, and then not for a few hours, and then repeat the cycle. I brought him back to the vet yesterday to be checked out again as it sounded like the antibiotics weren’t working.

Long story short, Zeke was x-rayed and found to have stones in his bladder. They are probably the type of stones that don’t react to treatment (diet, etc.) so the only real option to get them out is surgery. The doctor explained that the surgery is straight-forward and routine. They get the stones out of the bladder, and then do an analysis to see what type they are. Knowing the type helps to prevent them in the future.

Zeke is scheduled for his surgery (which should take about 45 minutes) tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM. I’m dropping him off at the vet on the way up to Albany tomorrow, and I can call in at around 1 PM to see how he did. He will stay at the vet recovering and I can pick him up on Monday. I’m relieved to know what has been bothering him and that it can be fixed. Of course, I’m a little nervous too since any surgery has it’s risks. But the doctor sounded confident and I am confident as well.


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