Heads up!

This is both strange and funny. I didn’t sleep much last night. For some reason, I just couldn’t sleep. I tried for a while, and finally, turned on the light and read until I finally could sleep. The result is that I got very little sleep. I was up this morning at 5:30, came into work as usual. Instead of reading until 7 AM, as I normally do, I napped, as I do during my lunch hour. Usually, when I nap at lunch, I fall into a pretty deep sleep. This morning, in the space of half an hour or so, I had several strange and even funny dreams.

Dream 1. I dreamed that I came into work, napped, woke up, went down for a bagel, and then stopped to chat with someone. Of course, I was sleeping the whole time, and I was a little disoriented when I woke from this dream, having already dreamed the routine that I was planning on going through.

Dream 2. I dreamed that I came into work, napped, woke up, and found crowds of people outside, each of whom had a special ID badge on, here for some sort of special study. They didn’t have enough conference room space so they were putting people in open offices. My door had been closed so they didn’t use mine, but as soon as I left my office to get a bagel and chat with someone, I came back to find people sitting there waiting to resume whatever it was they had been doing. I woke up and of course, I was alone in my office and no such thing had happened.

Dream 3. I dreamed that I came into work, napped, woke up, went out in front of the building to get some air and the strangest (and really rather funny) thing happened. Something in the sky caught my eye, I looked up behind me and saw a package come crashing down out of the sky, bounce a few times along the sidewalk, and finally come to a stop. Turns out it was a FedEx package. I’d heard a rumor once (urban legend?) that packages sometimes fall out of airplanes and come crashing down to the earth. Luckily, not one was hit by it. Here’s the funny part. It came to rest right in front of a Fed Ex pick-up box and there just happened to be a Fed Ex delivery person emptying the box at the time this packaged crashed to the ground. He saw it too. I watched him walk over to it, pick it up, inspect it for damage, and then toss it into his truck. I thought it was pretty cool that the package would get to where it was going, even after falling out of a plane and crashing to the ground.

All three of these dreams happened in the space of half an hour. It’s interested that all three were rather self-conscious dreams (dreams that I had come in, gone to sleep and finally woken up) because on the train ride into work this morning, I was reading the chapter on consciousness in Up From Dragons. I think that may have triggered some of the dreams.

Or who knows, maybe this whole blog entry is part of the dream.


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