GTD, day 2

I let myself sleep in this morning. I will be getting up early all week, in an attempt to get back into my workout routine, which I’ve neglected since vacation. That means early-to-bed once again. But I’ve found a way to recapture some time, and I’ll discuss that in a future post.

I headed up to IHOP around 10:30 AM, and after breakfast, I got a haircut. From there, I headed to the Metro station and into Pentagon City so begin day 2 of my initial GTD process. Today, I focused on work (obviously). I spent about 4 hours here and did a pretty good job, but I’m still not finished getting my inbox empty (although my email inbox is empty). I’ll finish up tomorrow.

I’m heading home now, stopping at the store to do my grocery shopping. Or–maybe I’ll get something to eat first. Hmm?


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