Back from happy hour!

Happy hour was a lot of fun. We went to Sine (pronounced “shinay”), a local Irish bar. We don’t normally go there, but they had outdoor seating and it was a particularly beautiful evening tonight. There were six or seven of us, me, Paraag, Carmen, Jess, Jason, Kristy. We sat around drinking for a few hours. I limited myself to a few beers and a couple of shots of Patron. And some pretty good hummus (although I must admit, I have not yet had hummis as good as what I had in Athens). We finally broke up at about 7:30 and I headed back home.

Spoke with strausmouse on the phone this evening. Thought about giving vickyandnorm a call but I remembered they were away on a trip and I didn’t want to bug them. (I’m perfectly content bugging strausmouse, however.)

No specific plans for tomorrow. I’m probably going to clean out more of the garage. And I may try to get a little bit of writing done.


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