Yankees clinched a playoff spot

After all of the criticism about their terrible start this season, the Yanks clinched a playoff spot last night. It’s looking like they will end up the AL wild card, and play the Cleveland Indians in the divisionals. At least they won’t be playing the Angels. And besides, the Yankees went 30-11 against the AL Central this year which is their best against any division including their own.

You would think I’d be rooting for the Angels over the Red Sox, but I’d love to see another Yankee /Red Sox ALCS, so as much as it pains me, I’ve got to root for Boston. Truth is I think most Yankee fans are probably doing the same, secretly or otherwise.

Up at 4:20 AM and into the gym by 5:50. Another 40 minute cardio workout that felt really good. A tiny bit of right knee pain at the very end, but I think this is due to the way I get lazy in my motions. When I feel the pain start to come on, I change my motions slightly (keeping my knee moving straight out rather than slightly off to the side) and the pain goes away. Burned about 560 calories and did just shy of 3 miles.


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