Paranoid IM interpretation

A funny thing happened* to me last night. I was already in bed, so I didn’t get the message til this morning, but kruppenheimer sent me a text message that said, “Yamo be there!” I had no idea what it meant, but judging by the time she sent it, I assumed it was something derogatory about the Yankees.

Turns out that kruppenheimer was listening to the totally 80s cheeseball song of the same name by Michael McDonald. Thinking it was funny, and perhaps not suspecting that I’d be in bed by, say, 10 PM, she decided to text me about it. Mystery solved.

But for a while there, I was a little paranoid.

*This post was inspired, almost verbatim, by kruppenheimer‘s email message this morning. In fact, I pretty much just cut and paste.


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