Early to bed…

I left work around 3 PM, was home before 4 PM, took some NyQuil, and crawled into bed before 6 PM. I figured I nap for a few hours and then wake up, do a little writing, watch some TV, etc. Well, I just woke up–at 11:45 PM, 6 hours later. I’m not sure I can really get any decent amount of writing done at this point, but that’s okay, because I did manage to get a decent amount of rest. I just took some more NyQuil and hope to be back asleep again shortly. Maybe tomorrow the nasty portion of this cold will have passed.

I have to be up around 8 AM so that I can take my car into Saturn for routine servicing. But seeing has how I’ve already gotten 6 hours of sleep, and 8 AM is still more than 8 hours away, I think I’ll be fine.


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